Debt Relief

Total Consumer Credit Reached almost $1 trillion in 2017 with the average household debt owing more than $16,000.00. If your struggling to pay of credit card debt, you’re not alone.

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Debt Consolidation

There are 3 types of debt consolidation:
  • 01. Debt Management Plans (DMP) >
  • 02. Debt Consolidation Loans >
  • 03. Debt Settlement >
Debt Consolidation is a general term used to describe the process of combining multiple unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, etc. – into one single monthly payment. Although, all 3 options result in Debt Consolidation to get you only one monthly payment. All 3 options work very differently so it is important to understand your options and pick the best option for you and your goals.

What types of debt are eligible for debt consolidation?

  • Credit Card Bills
  • Department store
  • Gas cards
  • Personal loans
  • Collection accounts
  • Payday loans
  • Medical bills
  • Repossessions
  • And other ...

Is Debt Consolidation right for you?

Whether you are struggling to keep up with your monthly payments, fallen behind on your payments or simply looking to reduce your interest rates, Debt Consolidation could benefit you.


Remember there are different forms of debt consolidation and they work differently. So make sure you speak with a Debt Specialist to help determine which option is best for you and your goals.


If you feel Debt Consolidation is the right program for you, speak with a Certified Debt Counselor today.

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Is Debt Consolidation right for you?

Credit Improvement

Credit Improvement

Improving your credit score means more opportunities and more choices will be available to you and your family.

Having a high credit score will ultimately keep more money in your pocket. Credit cards for account holders with a good credit score will have significantly low interest rates than those with low scores. The same is true for future loans such as financing a car, getting a mortgage, and business loans.

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Benefits of the Credit Improvement


Lower Interest Rates on Credit Cards

Account holders with high credit scores enjoy lower rates and higher limits on credit card accounts. This means more of your credit card payment pays down the balance.


Lower Interest Rates on Future Loans

A good credit score makes buying a car or home much more affordable. When applying for a loan for these assets, the bank will decide whether to approve the loan based on your score.


Easier Approval for Housing & Apartment Rental

Responsible landlords will always run a credit check to determine your eligibility for becoming a renter. Applicants with low credit scores and historically more likely to default and get evicted.


Avoid Deposits & Enjoy Lower Insurance Rates

When acquiring utility services and home/car insurance, companies will not requires applicants with a high credit score to leave a deposit since they have proved to be reliable payers.

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